Rules & Regulations

The spirit of the Sylhet Film Festival is one of friendship and cooperation. One of the primary missions of the festival is to provide the youth with a platform to showcase their talent in media, provide an advantageous environment for the development of film and other creative works.

The Board of Directors chooses and invites the films which will be presented in Competition. Each film invited to be part of the Official Selection by the Board of Directors will receive a Certificate of Participation.
Only films that meet the following conditions may be chosen for an invitation in the Official Selection:
Films that have been produced during the two years preceding the Festival.
Films that have not been exhibited on the Internet.
Films that respect the aims of the Festival.
If participating in the “short film” category, films that do not exceed 25 minutes in length, including credits. Anyone of any age can submit a short film in this category.
In the “Child Film Maker’s Section” category, films that do not exceed 25 minutes in length, including credits. Under 18 aged Film Maker’s can submit short films in this category.
In the “Documentary” category, films that do not exceed 30 minutes in length, including credits. Anyone can submit a documentary film in this category.
Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival during the event.
During the entire duration of the festival, none of the films invited may be shown outside the Festival’s official theatres before its official screening.

By filling out the online submission form
You have to register your film first through the online film submissions form which is available at
This phase may require the following things:
1. Your personal information.
2. Detailed information of your film including the technical details, cast and credit list etc.
3. Synopsis of the film (150 words) both in English as well as in the original language i.e. generally Bangla.

* Click submit & check your email for confirmation.
* Then email 3 stills from your film or poster of your film to
*In case of Filmfreeway Submission you should give the download approval at first. We cannot select any film if we are unable to download them for judging and screening purpose.